Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu dürfen, dass wir unser QuikRead go Portfolio um HbA1c erweitern. Der QuikRead go HbA1c Test ist ein IFCC-...

13. Mai 2020
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HbA1c ist nun für den Bestseller QuikRead go® verfügbar

Stay tuned! We would like to share exciting updates of ongoing research using QuikRead go in various studies in different parts of the world...

3. März 2020
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QuikRead go CRP used in a study aiming to reduce unnecessary antibiotics in primary care settings

The blue coloured CRP controls offer your customers: Three CRP levels to choose fromOne range and target in the labellingDirect and...

28. Februar 2020
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Although there are very limited available research data, currently spreading novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) seems to increase C-reactive prot...

31. Januar 2020
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CRP testing aids coronavirus management in China

With its high negative predictive value and sensitivity, QuikRead go iFOBT has been proven to be a useful tool in evaluation for the need an...

14. Januar 2020
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Orion Diagnostica befürwortet und unterstützt die Aktivitäten der kassenärztlichen Vereinigung um hohe Antibiotika- Verordnungen zu verhinde...

18. Oktober 2019
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Ankylosing spondylitis is arthritis that primarily affects the spine. Treat-to-target and other clinical recommendations for spondyloarthrit...

16. Oktober 2019
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Fresh-cut ready-to-eat vegetables are high in water and nutrients offering rich growth environment for the microbes. As vegetables and fruit...

23. August 2019
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